Our Process

We have created a process that starts by understanding your business.

1) Site Visit

We’ll get a good understanding of your business so we can start to see where we can make a positive impact on your supply chain and waste stream.

3) Confirm

Once you’re happy with our recommendations, we’ll go ahead and put the paperwork in place.

You’ll have one point of contact to deal with – backed up by the Vanden team who make all the necessary arrangements.

This cuts down the hassle and paperwork for you.

2) Solutions

We will design solutions to save space, minimize the impact on your operations, increase recycling rates and maximize returns whilst identifying opportunities for your scrap to be part of the circular economy. .

This is also a good time to assess your plastic feedstock and see how we can work with your existing supply chain to develop a closed loop recycling solution.

4) Implementation & Training

Onboarding will include a full review of the scope of works, delivery of agreed equipment (e.g. Balers and Stillages) and training for production staff so everyone is clear on why and how to collect the plastic waste correctly.

Pvc Regrind scrap


Pvc window scrap


Waste paper scrap


Newspaper scrap


Aluminum 6063 scrap


Pu foam scrap


Aluminum UBC scrap


Aluminum metal scrap


Copper wire scrap


Pet lumps


Aluminum ignot


Aluminum wire scrap


Hot and cold wash pet flakes

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