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High-Quality Furniture foam scrap Bra foam scrap Memory Foam Sponge Scrap Particles

Foam scrap:
1) clean and dry new foam scrap: 100%
2) Density range: 25-30
3) Color: mixed
4) Packing: compressed in bales


Name: Memory foam particles, slow rebound foam, PU foam scrap, memory foam sponge scrap particles

Material: High-quality Polyurethane

Source: The pillow core, mattress leftover material

Purpose: Pillow core, pillows, toys, filled mattresses, bean bags padding and regeneration

Weight: 200-300kg/bale

Packing: In compressed by bales

Quality: Free of moisture, without hard skin and garbage

Lead time: about 3-5 days, no wait

Supply: 100 tons per month


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