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Aluminum Wire Scrap/Aluminum 6063/Aluminum UBC/Aluminum Wheel Scrap
Technical Process
(Mould Designing→Mould Cutting → Mould Testing → Mould Workshop → Mould Heating)→

(Aluminium Ingot&Supplementary Materials → Smelting → Homogenizing →Bar Heating )

Aluminum wire scrap Composition:

Si : 0.2-0.6%
Fe : 0.35%
Cu : 0.1%
Mn :0.1%
Mg : 0.45-0.9%
Cr :0.1%
Zn :0.1%


44.Aluminum tense scrap
.Aluminu scrap
.Reasonable price and high purity
.Timely delivery and promptly shipping
.Fire deals
Aluminum scrap 6063
Aluminum profile scrap 6063
Aluminum content 75%, 95%,99.7%
Aluminum content 75%, 95% 99.7% or can satisfy the demands of customer


Aluminum alloy production , Steelmaking and requirements of the coating is not high

Fireworks production
.mainly used for melting ingot
.discontinuous melting with scrap
.easy control and operation
.fast melting

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