With us every day is rewarding. From interacting with the farmers on the ground to shipping products all around the globe, our team works tirelessly to make sure that we deliver the very best. Our workforce is our strength and our biggest asset. We are passionate about what we do, and our values remain grounded while we grow together. Care to join us?


We’re always looking for talented people to join the team.

At Bakony we recruit people who are passionate and driven, with lots of integrity. If you are looking to join a close-knit team, with lots of potentials to develop, we’d love to hear from you.

Diligent and enthusiastic. If there were two words we’d use to describe our team, it’s these. Keep scrolling to review the positions we’re recruiting for. If any of these roles aren’t right for you, but you think you’re an exceptional candidate, we are all ears.

Passionate about getting things done right?

Care about making your customers happy?

Continually want to improve?

Passion For Working at Recycling ?

Director of Business Development – Rigid Packaging

One of several key leaders in the building of a new division that will acquire supply of and sell recycled plastic products (Resin & Regrinds)

Logistics Business Partner

Driven to deliver commercial success, the Logistics Business Partner will be responsible for advancing relationships with ocean freight carriers, forwarders, haulers, and warehouse providers


What People Are Saying

Bakony has been a reliable customer to Veolia Australia for over 10 years. They spend time working with our people on the ground to ensure we have multiple end markets and can achieve the maximum value for the varied commodities we produce.
Theresa Reeves

The times I have spoken with Bakony they have been very helpful and provide a reliable service, allowing us to dispose of our waste in an environmentally sustainable manner
Ada Leonard

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