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We are committed to reusing the non-renewable resources of our environment and we help our customers do the same. People are welcome to come into our yard and pay cash only for usable steel, aluminum, stainless, copper, and brass. All pricing is based on current market conditions.

About Us


Bakony Rental Scrap KFT is a Hungarian recognized scrap company based in Budapest, Hungary. Founded in 2005, we are dedicated to scrapping metals and plastic trading.
Our buyers come from all parts of Asia: China, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Pakistan. Our suppliers are located throughout Europe, and we plan to rapidly expand into the Australian and American markets.

Our company proudly believes in honest negotiations, punctuality, and fair pricing. Our elite team of brokers, with years of experience in the field of scrap metal trading, ensures our supplies are top-of-the-line. Our vast range of accepted materials guarantees large and frequent purchases of mixed loads.

Buyers working with our company can request to accompany our brokers to see how the materials are selected and purchased as they travel throughout Europe. This gives our buyers a chance to experience the services that we provide and are renowned for. What the buyer sees is what he purchases.

Bakony is a dynamic company dedicated to serve our customers’ needs.We react quickly to market fluctuations and quote requests are immediately acknowledged. If our company meets your needs, or you require further information, Contact us.

Our Mission

To make difference in our products and services, to keep in the forefront the satisfaction and trust of our customers and manufacturing companies, and to move forward with our new products and services.

Our Vision

Taking care of the interests of our customers and manufacturing companies which we consider as our business partners and providing the highest quality, service and products besides catching our own growth targets.

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Our recyclable plastics are derived from both post-industrial and post-production waste, which puts our high-quality supply in demand. We follow strict processes to make sure quality is high – this includes inspecting processing methods, loadings, taking samples and photographs, and carrying out lab testing.

From entering our site through to leaving, the quality will never be compromised.

You’ll work with a dedicated member of the Bakony team, who will deal with everything from start to finish. From visiting your site to assess how we can help, through to sample testing, arranging the paperwork, and transport – we’ve got it covered. You can expect quick collections and reliable payments – removing any hassle and saving you time.

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